Claudia Hoffmann
Claudia Hoffmann
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Violin Tuition

A concert degree and 25 years of teaching experience provide for a good repertoire of music as well as ideas how to pass it on.

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Music for Weddings and Ceremonies

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Sound Healing

Sound Healing can help to release tension and stress. It may reveal self healing powers and provide a space to get in touch with helping spirits. It may as well help strengthening the body and aura´s sensations. Pentatonic and overtone instruments such as the monochord, singing bowls, harp, a wooden xylophon as well as the technique of duplicating brain waves using the corresponding pulse induce a state of deep relaxation and so support body and soul in healing processes. During a session you may get inner visions and communicate with your guides. You may feel as if being carried by the sounds. You may have a sensation of waves or warmth or even fall asleep.

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Past Life Therapy

Similar to unresolved childhood patterns our past lives may affect our current lives. Patterns are often uncounscious, making it difficult for us to understand what is going on as we are not aware of the story behind the pattern. E.g. vows made in past lives, unresolved conflicts, strong emotions, traumatic experiences as well as special love towards a person in a past life may have created ties. The main emphasis of the work is on resolution through making space for any sensations and emotions, communication between past and current selves as well as with Soul, working on the process of giving and receiving forgiveness as well as Soul retrieval. In addition, the process of past life therapy helps to enhance awareness of our being human and soul at the same time.

Claudia trained with Eloha in Penzance and has worked as a past life therapist in Freiburg and Jena/Germany.


About Claudia

Claudia Hoffmann is a violinist with a concert degree (The Hague/ Netherlands) and a violin instruction diploma (Freiburg, Germany). Further studies took her to Straßbourg (France) and Basel (Switzerland). She is also a trained music therapist (with “Life-Musik”, Munich/ Germany)

Specialised in period instruments she regularly performs, mainly with her own baroque ensemble, in Germany, Switzerland and the UK.

Basic ideas of her Sound Healing are drawn on both her training and her experience of working with music and it s healing effects over many years.


Claudia's Bands

La Moresca -

The Blue Mermaids: Music and Poetry
Combining words and music, the Blue Mermaids will take you on an elemental and mythic
journey. Angela’s transformational poems and stories are interpreted by Claudia’s impro-
visational music, using a variety of instruments including Celtic Harp, violin, voice and

Boswedden Trio
(information coming soon)

Boswedden Trio
Boswedden Trio





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